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We welcome you to a space where we purify the air constantly with essential oils that are proven to fight germs and boost immune system. 

All appointments need to be made 24 hours or more in advance. Same day appointments are available for an additional fee. The best option for booking services is online, through our Acuity App ( Please call (917) 791-3552 if experiencing difficulty. We have a standard cancellation policy but if you have been experiencing signs of sickness, let us know as soon as possible. 

We truly value our customers and have your continued safety and healing in mind. Thank you for your support.

Your Wellness Is In Our Hands.

Elle & Team


Elleworx provides exclusive health-enhancing services in order to improve the health of our community. Come in and enjoy a positive impact for your mind, soul and body!

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Although massage is an ancient art which results in relief of your muscular system, it is about much more than feeling good. Massage provided through a knowledgeable masseuse can improve circulation throughout your body and your organs, it can assist in your body eliminating waste, help to release toxins trapped in joints and muscles, greatly increase energy, improve sleep, reduce inflammation in the body and so much more. 


Reflexology is certainly a technique which reduces foot pain, however, it is also known to reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve headaches, enhance relaxation and even assist in reducing psychological symptoms such as anxiety and stress. 

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Water is our most valuable natural resource. It is vital to nourish, hydrate and generate all forms of life.


The human body is made up of over 70% water. Whilst water may appear the same, not all water is created equal. Click below to learn more!


This Terahertz Frequency was discovered in the 1980's. It is a frequency which matches the vibration of human cells. The use of this wand resonates this frequency through the body and has immense healing benefits! Contact us directly to book a session. To learn more, click below.

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Meditation can seem like an optional tool for relaxation or a small break from chaos, but we feel it is a required key component to health! The benefits are not only immediate, but there are long-lasting deep and life-changing benefits which impact your life and the world. Book a session today and watch as meditation impacts a variety of areas in your life!


Join us on a healing retreat unlike anything you've ever experienced! We have combined luxurious Cruises with our unique Healing Retreats! Not only will you have an escape from the every day stresses of life, but we will help you get back in touch with your soul, with nature and with your internal healing power. Don't book another vacation that leaves you feeling drained, sign up for one that transforms your life and leaves you feeling rejuvenated!

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Thank you for visiting here at ElleWorx!  My primary goal is to provide you, my client, with the best massage to promote good health, relaxation, and and overall feeling of happiness which leads to better relationships, better job performance and ultimately an better sense of well-being and wholeness. I have been providing clients with massage since 1997 and plan to continue do so until the end of my time. 

My secondary goal is to educate EVERYONE on the importance of massage, meditation, exercise, diet (through things I've learned personally and through other well respected nutritionists in the field of holistic living).  My belief is that healing and good health go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other.  By the same token, you can not expect to be healthy and have a "well oiled machine" without the regular maintenance.  Well, massage and bodywork are maintenance for our bodies.  We ask a lot of our 'bags of bones' but most of us do not regularly 'tune up' our systems.

That's where I come in. I will make suggestions for the type of massage that will best suit you, the frequency in which you will benefit the most, and what other professionals may be helpful on your journey to a more healthy and relaxed lifestyle. The advice won't be sugar-coated and won't necessarily be easy to swallow, but I promise that it will always be worthwhile.

Here's to your Health and Well Being.  Now and in the years and decades to come.


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything."

—  Lao Tzu  —



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