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Elle, you are a godsend 🤯 last nights massage was the best one I’ve had in my whole entire life I don’t know how you do it but I am so damn happy I found you 😍😍😍😍 thank you for sharing this gift and I will continue to spread the word of your miracles                                         

Shelby O.

Small Business Owner

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Thank you again for the massage. That knee and leg muscle you worked on is cured! And, trust me, I tested it hard the next morning by doing endless squats, lunges, and jumps in my workout. It feels great. Overall, I feel great. So happy to have connected with you. THANK YOU

Kimberly Schneiderman

National Resume Writers’ Association Certification Committee Chair

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Some people might call Elle Barnett a massage therapist. I prefer to call her a healing magician. With skillful ease and strong yet gentle hands, she located every tight muscle (there were many), and kneaded, pressed, stretched and worked until my body felt loose, free and blissful, not just at the surface but at a deep, cellular level. She released every last bit of tension in my body and explained how and why it got there. This is why Elle is so much more than a massage therapist. Her vast knowledge of human anatomy and health, coupled with incredible technique make sessions with her a nonnegotiable but oh-so-luxurious component of my self care routine. I’m still under Elle’s spell, hours after my deep tissue massage. I feel grateful to have this lovely, skilled practitioner and healer within close proximity. Hands down (and on me, please!!!) BEST. MASSAGE. EVER.


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Thank you for helping my body to release and heal. Probably could raise folks from the dead with those hands.


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My husband surprised me with a Mother's Day massage at ElleWorx.  I don't normally get massages, but this really made me a convert!  It was amazing - Elle is so nice and I don't know what kind of magic she has in those hands, but I felt like I had taken a valium for about 6 hours afterwards. I am still feeling good the next day.

Melissa W.

South Orange, NJ

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Elle is a consummate professional. She is an expert at her craft and is constantly learning new techniques while refining her craft. This is hands down the best sports recovery massage you can get. Highly recommended.

Noah M.

South Orange, NJ

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I learned of Elle through multiple testimonials on my local Facebook group page.  I scheduled a 90 minute massage, letting her know that I am a tense person who constantly lives with tight shoulders and likes deep pressure. Elle went above and beyond in following my wishes of working deep into my knots, yet helping me feel relaxed and refreshed.  I loved her work so much that I asked if she could offer chair massages at my block party.  She brought her chair and people quickly flocked to her.  I had not seen our block party run so late before - pretty sure it was because people saw how good the massages felt to others and were determined to have their turn.  Elle has this magical way of softening people in the massage sense but also in temperament.  I saw some folks who insisted that they were too shy or did not like to be touched give raving reviews after and look much at ease.  I try to see as often as I can each month.  Oh, I am also totally going to hire her for pre and post natal massage :)

Siu L.

Maplewood, NJ

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It is my pleasure to write this testimonial confirming the highly beneficial experience I have under the care of Ms Elle Barnett. Elle’s spa room is a delightful, relaxing, and welcoming place – and I feel uplifted after each session.

Elle is a gifted masseuse: she is as strong as she is gentle in her work, she’s extremely knowledgeable about anatomy - able to satisfy my curiosity on how body components work together, she’s trained in the various types of massage and absolutely thorough in each session.

But there is another quality in Elle’s work that makes her stand very high over others – she is a holistic service professional who cares deeply about the quality of the products she uses and the atmosphere in where she cares for her clients. She uses wonderful therapeutic grade essential oils, soft natural fiber towels and massage tables, and cool air oil diffusers. It’s very inspiring to be in such a natural, luxurious setting!

I’d like to take this time to recommend Elle Barnett as a five star masseuse, and a truly uplifting service professional.

Karen Sullivan

South Orange, NJ

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My students wanted to surprise me with a present before I went on maternity leave and bought me a gift certificate at Elleworx. The massage space is so relaxing, and I'm so excited to try out the Oxygen bar next time. I found Elle to be an incredibly talented masseuse, able to adapt to my needs in different parts of my body. I haven't felt this relaxed in months and I'm going to try to go back before my due date in 4 weeks! Thank you Elle and Moshe!


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A total professional, relaxed and nurturing experience with Elle Barnett, ElleWorx!  In 2015 I began getting massage therapy at ElleWorx, and I must say the wellness journey has been gratifying. You must try the Oxygen Bar...I leave feeling renewed after every visit!  

Charlene Messer, Elegant Bouquet Kitchen, Inc.




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