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Elle Barnett


Elle brings over 17 years of knowledge to her field of study. Her interest in body work began long before she ever decided to train in the field when she was about 6 or 7 years of age.  She was 'made' to work on her mother, who was a pamper hound, for hours on end. Elle would 'pluck' or pull on her eyelashes, massage and scratch her back, massage her head, temples, feet, hands, arms, and legs.  As Elle grew stronger, her grandmother, aunts, and uncles who learned of her ablilities requested back rubs and such during familly gatherings especially if someone had head or body aches.  At the age of 10 and beyond, Elle's stepdad suffered from extremely painful migraines. She soon learned different techniques of how to remedy that pain by pressing into certain and specific points in his head, back, feet, or hands which she later learned were pressure points and meridians.  

She is connected to the practice of massage in a very personal way that does not solely come from being taught in a school.  Being trained officially was just a natural extension to what she feels was a gift bestowed upon her by the Creator.  After sessions with clients when they've been asked, "How was the massage?", frequently comments have been, "Your hands are magic."

Whether or not that is the case, you will have to experience a session and determine the validity for yourself.  Just know that Elle welcomes you wholeheartedly to be a partner in your journey to balanced health and relief from stress in a very professional yet personal way and can't wait to work with you in the very near future!

But have you tried HIS reflexology?! Having studied diligently under "The Foot Whisperer" in Tampa, Florida, AJ brings to his craft a zeal and knowledge that will literally knock your socks off! He will happily tell you to Treat Your Feet which in just that simple statement he is appealing to you to take care of one of your body's most treasured parts, to love yourself, and to be sure that you remain in a position to walk life's journey without pain. Hand reflexology can be performed in addition or instead of for those that spend hours hunched at a desk or playing an instrument constantly.

Book your session today for a truly life enriching experience. 

AJ Barnett

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